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Friday November 7, 2014 

Activz (Whole Food Nutrition)                     Herb Pharm (Herbs& Blends)  

Barlean’s (Oils and Blends)                             Himalaya Herbals           

Blue Bonnet Nutrition                              Holly Hill (Reliance)                 

Carlson (Supplements)                                     Immune Health Basics(Wellmune)     

Country Life (Vitamins)                                  Megafood (Food State  Supplements) 

Essential Formulas (Probiotics)                Mushroom Science (Immune)      

Flora (Oils, Teas & Supplements)                      Nature’s Way (Herbal Remedies)

Gaia Herbs (Herbs & Blends)                   Solgar (Science Based Supplements)

Saturday November 8, 2014

Acure Cosmetics                              NaturaNectar (Bee Propolis)

Aloe Life (Aloe Vera Supplements)             Neo Cell (Collagen Supplements)

Bodyceuticals (Calendula Skincare)           Nordic Naturals (Omega Oils)

Cellfood (Oxygen + Nutrient Supplement)     Olbas (Herbal Remedies)

Genesis Today (Superfood)                      Prevagen (Memory Supplements)

Jarrow Formulas                                      Sibu Beauty (Skin Care & Supplements)

Natren (Healthy Trinity Probiotics)

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The Enzyme Connection
Enzymes are biologically active proteins that play a key role in every single function that occurs in the human body. For example, enzymes are involved in metabolism

Women Often Ignore Signs of Heart Trouble
When it comes to heart disease, a new study finds women are more likely than men to delay care when they have symptoms that spell trouble.
Frailty Tied to Lower Survival Rates After Kidney Transplant
Physical frailty may lead to worse five-year survival rates among kidney transplant patients, regardless of their age, a new study shows.
Holly Hill Health Tips
Swimming for overall health
Swimming is one of the healthiest exercise activities you can do. It’s a great fitness solution when you have little time to exercise because it works the whole body. Endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness are all accomplished in one swimming session—so hit the pool for a great full-body workout!

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